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Gentleman’s Haircut

Our “basic” men’s haircut isn’t basic at all. We start by trimming and styling your hair as you request. At the end of each cut, we pass a layer of warm lather on the neck and around the ears, followed by a hot towel. Then, we add another pass of warm lather to prep the skin for our straight razor shave around the ears and neck. We finish up by massaging a menthol aftershave cream into the skin, followed by a splash of Bay Rum and an old-fashioned dusting of talcum powder. We’ll also clean up your eyebrows and ears if necessary or requested. This is a true, traditional gentleman’s service.

Guest Price: $50 | 30 Minutes


Straight Razor Shave

Yes, we will put a razor to your neck just like the old days. Lay back in the barber chair, get a hot towel and face tonic treatment, followed by warm lather and the closest shave you’ll ever have. Buttoned up with another hot towel and you will feel as sharp as our razors. This experience is a must have for any businessman wanting to look his absolute best.

Guest Price: $60 | 45 Minutes


Classic Head Shave

This is the same service as a face shave, but for your head. Don’t relegate your kingly crown to a Bic razor and some cheap shave foam. Treat yourself to our professional service—you’re worth it.

Guest Price: $60 | 45 Minutes


Beard Trim

Keep that manly mane in check. Let us trim up your beard, however long or short you want it. This service includes essential oils and hot towels—don’t worry, they won’t erode your manliness.

Guest Price: $20 | 30 Minutes


Hair Wash

If requested, we can add a hair wash to complete the hair cut experience. We use only the highest quality shampoos and conditioners, and dry your hair afterwards. On top of that, we style you up with our exclusive products before sending you on your way.

Guest Price: $15 | 5 Minutes


Clean Up

Need a quick cleanup between haircuts? We’ll get you sorted in a jiffy with a cleanup and neck shave—so you can look your sharpest at all times.

Guest Price: $25 | 15 Minutes



We have some of the best LMT’s (Licensed Massage Therapist) you’ll find in the state. A chair massage with any of them will take your experience to the next level. If you like the sound of a neck, shoulder, back and arm massage after your haircut and shave, you will be all over this. Especially when you can do this without all the hassle of disrobing in a separate room.

Member Only | 10-15 Minutes



Looking good from head to toe means you can’t forget about your shoes! A beautiful shine will help you look and feel your best. At Mac’s Place, there’s more to it than that… leather is skin and we live in the desert. Extend the life of your shoes, boots, belts, purses, and other leather goods by using the very highest quality products to keep them smooth, supple, conditioned, and healthy. Even your most exotic leathers are safe in our care. Been there done that.

Member Only | 15 Minutes


Old fashioned bar

Your experience at Mac’s Place is much about history. A better time. A long gone era. Belly up to the bar, drinks are on us. Our bar is an amazing piece of Utah history itself. Built in 1901 in Salt Lake City, our bar made its way to a small bar in Texas, then up to a tiny Idaho town where it sat unused for nearly 60 years in the back room of a rough old cowboy bar. Coffee, soda, water, and whatever else we might have behind the bar are complimentary. No alcohol.

Guest Price: $2/drink